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Feeling at home means having a sense of security, and that is exactly what the Emerald Coast provides. Multiple agencies in the region care for physical and emotional safety needs, whether it’s disaster preparedness or anti-discrimination advocacy. And you can forget about the awkward newbie stage of living in a new city. Northwest Florida takes pride in providing family-friendly, close-knit and supportive communities where all cultures, backgrounds and lifestyles feel accepted and welcome. So pull up a beach chair, kick back, and relax.

#8 Fiscal stability ranking in U.S. USNews.com, 2022
$7 million Provided to the Hurricane Loss Mitigation Program Floridadisaster.org
$1.5 Billion In guaranteed economic development to Northwest Florida communities from Triumph Gulf Coast grant funding Florida’s Great Northwest Triumph Gulf Coast Fact Sheet

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Centuries of multicultural history have led to the diverse communities that exist in Northwest Florida today.

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WonderFL – Santa Rosa County

Settled in the top of the Florida Panhandle, between Escambia and Okaloosa Counties, is Santa Rosa County. Santa Rosa was previously a part of Escambia County until it was divided in 1842. Now Santa Rosa is known for their beaches, wilderness and history. One fun attraction in Santa Rosa is the Gulf Breeze Zoo. With […]
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WonderFL – Okaloosa County

Being the 52nd county in Florida, Okaloosa County has not always been a part of Florida’s History. In 1915, Okaloosa County was created out of Santa Rosa and Walton County, coining the name from a steamboat that brought settlers across on the Black Water River. Since then, Okaloosa County has become a trademark in the […]
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WonderFL – Escambia County

In the northwestern tip of the Florida Panhandle, bordered by Alabama, Escambia County is a gateway into Florida. Escambia, coining the title of the “oldest county in Florida,” has a unique history of being founded by Spanish explorers in the 16th century. While the history may run deep in Escambia, the county still has something […]
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WONDERFL Community Development Blog: Calhoun County

Just two hours between the capital city of Tallahassee and some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, is Calhoun County, Florida. In “CalCo” (as the locals would say), a visitor will find an array of excursions and shops to make a day out of, as well as bountiful land and water systems perfect for a […]
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