A group of veterans hold two flags in the air.

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From the 56,000+ active service members to the 130,000+ veterans living in the region, Northwest Florida offers a supportive community for career growth. The region is also home to the Blue Angels, and while their exemplary air shows are a sight to behold, service members here never have to fly through hoops.

Leaving active duty and returning to civilian life? Employ Florida Vets helps veterans match their military skills to specific jobs and further training opportunities. Want to make sure your family is supported while you’re deployed? Northwest Florida has you covered. Veterans and their families choose to live in Northwest Florida because of the large quantity of resources available that drive a high quality of life.




6 Military installations in Northwest Florida
56,000+ Military personnel In Northwest Florida
75+ Years of the Blue Angels calling Pensacola Naval Air Station home
3,000 New military retirees annually
130,000+ Former military service members

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With no state income tax and overall costs typically less than Florida and U.S. averages, Northwest Florida loves to keep your pocketbook in its happy place.

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Hundreds of employers with quality benefits are ready to hire in Northwest Florida. Interested in cyber security, manufacturing, logistics, engineering, or aerospace & defense? Find it here.

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